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Furnace Cleaning

No Worry Furnace Cleaning & Check-Up

Like a tune-up at your auto repair shop or a physical from your doctor it’s alway nice to have an expert checking on the the important things that get you through the day.

Our furnace cleaning and check-ups are designed to keep you worry-free throughout the harsh Carol Stream/Wheaton area winters that can push your heating unit to the max.

Cleaner Furnace = More Efficient Furnace = Lower Utility Bill

The cleaner your furnace, the more efficiently it will run, seems like pretty simple science. All the dirt, dust and assorted grime that collects on your poor heating unit can take a pretty significant toll if allowed to build up.

The small investment in annual furnace cleaning through a reputable heating & air company prolongs the life of your furnace and lowers your monthly utility bill.

As a BBB A+ rated HVAC company in the Carol Stream/Wheaton area for over 31 years, we can certainly verify this. We’ve seen many a well-maintained furnace last upward of 15, 20 and even 30 years with no major repair work. We’ve also seen what can happen when a furnace is neglected. The repair bills and eventual premature replacement will always be far pricier than the small investment in cleaning.

The AllStar Heating & Cooling Corporation 22-Point Furnace Cleaning

  1. Clean heat exchanger & visual inspection for cracks, corrosion and rust
  2. Carbon monoxide test
  3. Clean burners & adjust flame on burners if necessary
  4. Check vent pipe & draft inducer to make sure unit is exhausting properly
  5. Check chimney
  6. Check & adjust gas valve if necessary
  7. Clean blower assembly, including motor and wheel
  8. Oil blower motor if necessary
  9. Check amp draw on blower motor
  10. Check balance on blower system
  11. Check fan control
  12. Check manifold pressure
  13. Check belts & adjust tension if necessary
  14. Check & clean standing pilot or electronic spark ignition system & adjust pilot assembly if necessary.
  15. Check hot surface ignitor
  16. Check for gas leaks – all pipes and shut offs
  17. Check all safeties & limits
  18. Clean and adjust all safety controls
  19. Lubricate all moving parts
  20. Check & calibrate thermostat
  21. Check complete furnace cycle
  22. Check and change filter
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